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Do you want to know how to calculate a sample size? Are you having trouble remembering the difference between continuous and variable data? Have you always wanted to know something about Pluto?

We have courses in these topics – and a whole lot more – at courses are available for enrollment 24/7, offering you an opportunity to experience what Moodle can do and to envision how Albany Analytical’s business process improvement and instructional design expertise will come together with your content to create a great Moodle site of your very own.

Many courses are free. 

Some courses and some features require that you create an account and login. Other courses do not require any login or personal information. For a list of currently available courses in each category, visit or select from the Course Categories drop-down menu above.

Need training for your organization? Want to become certified?

  • You can license our courses (customized to your organization) for your Moodle site.
  • We can build new courses for your Moodle site, using your training material.
  • You can also seek certification in Lean Six Sigma or EH&S and Sustainability through the certification curricula; available to individuals and groups.

Contact us for more information.

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