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Listen with webreader is our Moodle site. It has been designed and created by Albany Analytical; it is hosted by, a certified Moodle Partner. takes full advantage of the many features of Moodle, including quizzes, glossaries, forums, chats, DimDim meetings, wikis, RSS feeds, libraries of downloadable documents, graphics, media players, news items, and assignments. It even has an analog clock!

At you can view several demo courses that showcase Moodle features and Albany Analytical’s use of them. Notice the drop down menu and how not all courses have the same background, colors, fonts, or even menu. With customized themes and hundreds of third-party modules to add functionality to your Moodle site, the options are endless!

Learn How-to

You can also take “real” courses in subjects related to business process improvement, statistics, and how to be a lean and green business. Course categories correspond to the course categories at

These courses are often being revised and remodeled, as Moodle and web applications improve.

We encourage you to poke around to learn more about how Moodle’s features will help your business grow – or how to calculate a sample size – or both! You can take courses at any time, at your own pace. Enjoy.

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