Albany Analytical, Inc.

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Albany Analytical provides a full range of services for all your training and improvement needs. Our core expertise is teaching – transferring knowledge from the experts to the learners. We do this with your learning objectives in mind.  We understand that what you want to learn determines how that training should be written and delivered.

We Build Moodle, We Build Your Business

Albany Analycial will design your training, build it, and in certain topics, deliver it!  We can support your needs in strategic project selection and project coaching for Lean, Six Sigma, and other business process improvement methodologies. 

Everything we do for you benefits from our years of teaching and project experience. We’ve trained 1000′s of adults in business environments. We’ve taught plant workers how to use rocket-science software and convinced a room full of corporate managers to role play. We’ve harnessed the creative energy of marketing teams and turned it into detailed process maps.  We’ve solved “unsolvable” problems.

We have a team of Moodle experts – in course development, content creation, theme development, site administration, and hosting – and a team of web development, social marketing, graphic design, and business experts. We work together for you.

To learn more about how we can build your business with any of these training and improvement services, please contact us or visit

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